5 vs 5 EU Qualification tournament. Prize pool 100$. Winner: Team Paradigm

Tournament Roster

The Civilized Gentlemen, Accidently Famous, Team Ugly, Visceral Gaming, Throw Train, Why Not Gaming, De fiesta por graná,The Unnamed , Royal Legion, Team Bloody, Onibawan, Team Smooth, La Garde Sombre, In Stomp We Trust, Mancos Powerful Team, USB Zdes, Arkangeles Phantom Team, Unit Team, That's So Pish, The Morticians TMO, NoLimit, AKGL Infinity, No Name Noobs, Dolyak Escort Services, Team Icefyre, Krapani, No Life,Made in Meta, Team Paradigm, Plitak Potok, Stormcallers, RUS corp.

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We have done with our first 5 vs 5 qualification tournament. Let's say thanks to all participants and ofcourse congratulate Team Paradigm for winning the prize of 100$. Now i have enough information and will work hard on league/division system that i introduced before. Thanks all again! If you have any question/suggestions contact me in game/by mail or via new forum here

All games were streamed and can be found at


​Why we do qualification tournament? Because we want to host league for multiply teams,not simply 8/16 best. We will have several divisions (which will be bases on results of this tournament),so if you are not strong enough,feel free to join. We want to give players chance to progress with there skill against equale opponents.You will find desirable opponent here! If you want to help me go to support page or contact me via

Rules : Best of  3. Simple tournament rules: Skill lock/Gear lock.

Maps will be drafted before the matches randomly: all maps except Raid on capricon will be played.

If we change any rules  we will announce it via our twitter, so be sure you follow us @gw2propvp